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Niños sanos, familias felices”


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tomato wearing eyeglasses instructing sheep made of cauliflower on a wooden surface, photo by Tamas Balla

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Ramon and Andres smiling, wearing Boy Scout uniforms alphabet and numbers as seen in close-up photography of butterfly wings, by Kjell B. Sandved Fast Food, a book by Saxon Freymann and Joost Elffers, with a photograph of a radish driving a cucumber car Ramon and his teammates rowing Dog made out of broccoli stalks, illustration by Saxon Freymann and story by Joost Elffers, for 'Dog Food' Red Lacewing butterfly, photo by J B McKoy, copyright 2008 Andres and soccer buddy on the field after a win yellow and black striped butterfly smiling Mother hugging cute Baby Scooter, a muppet, sliding to catch a Frisbee

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